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The High Quality of Work in Singapore

As the time came for us to move our department to Singapore in the final weeks of the project’s completion, we were grateful that the boss was able to secure a executive condo in Singapore for us to share. It wasn’t our first time in the city and despite the fact that it is quickly becoming one of the world’s leading economic powers, it’s becoming more and more difficult to snag a place like this. The last time that we were here we had to settle for something the size of my dorm room back in college – yeah, no thanks!

I have come to realize that I love Singapore. Everything about this place reminds me of a Gibson novel in the making. (more…)

Packing My Bags to Go to Charlotte

I have to hustle and get all of the stuff ready before the first of February. That is when I am going to be starting my new position in the insurance company. I need to look for some nice one bedroom apartments charlotte nc and I am going to have to figure out what I need to take with me down there. In truth I am thinking that pretty much nothing in this place is going to go with me. I have a bed and the kitchen table belongs to me. My two room mates are already upset because they know that I own the router for the computer network and the big screen tv in the living room. I was at Sam’s Club a while back and I saw it on sale for four hundred dollars. Of course I had to have it, because this is a sixty one inch wide 1080p TV.

The job is not a huge promotion so far as the money goes, but the big thing is that it opens up the way forward for me. (more…)

How Not To Let Customer Service Crush Your Real Estate Wholesaling Business

Customer service makes or breaks real estate companies every day. So how can wholesaling CEOs prevent their business from becoming the next failure and victim of their own horrible customer service?

The importance of customer service cannot be underestimated in this business if investors want any hope of survival. Countless companies including giant brands in closed industries have self-sabotaged themselves into oblivion by neglecting customer service. And once your brand is tainted it can cost billions to try and get it back. Most real estate wholesalers don’t have that kind of extra capital laying around to fix mistakes, especially while no money is coming in the door.

Horrific customer service fails have been seen in a variety of industries lately. There was a hot naming tool for coming up with great businesses names promoted by a leading guru which could have been the best thing since sliced bread. Only the tool didn’t work online.

There is the hot new tablet with what could be a game changing, interactive live customer service feature. Unfortunately, even those customers that have already decided to buy it can’t get by being forced to watch a 3 minute pop up video first. This has probably eliminated over 90% of potential sales this holiday season and an enormous percentage of market share.

Then there is a certain cable company ‘X’ which has been spending millions on TV ads to promote a ’2 hour appointment guarantee’. Unfortunately phone reps for the company report they are receiving customer complaints all day long that technicians aren’t even showing up at all, while stores are packed out the door with customers trying to disconnect their services.

On the bright side there have been some great examples of treating customers right recently too.

There is the mobile phone company that changed the industry by doing away with contracts. There is the credit card company for those with less than perfect credit which still offers live answer help. And an online staffing company that provides instant online chat help that actually gets things done.

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